Emulating a gamer streaming himself Wall of Scrolls follows a recording of a player navigating a fictional video game whilst having a dialogue with the game's narrator. The rough interior and raw stone walls of the residency in question, in combination with the regulated lockdown due to the global pandemic became the main forces of the work. These prompted a research into surfaces and veneer as well as everyday myths and metaphors of confined and domestic places which serve as foundational themes of the script and the setting. The narrator of the game plays loosely upon the trope of the domesticated, paranoid housewife whilst the voice of the player resembles the clueless partner. As the narrative unfolds the suspicion and paranoia starts bleeding between the two. The work attempts to emphasise the inevitable cracks in both physical surfaces such as brick walls and wallpaper as well as the intangible veneers and stories we tell each other. This is echoed through the layers and distances between author and audience created through the different voices of player, narrator, written riddles and maker.

Developed and exhibited during a residency at Kunsthuis SYB, 2020.

Single Channel Video: 00:08:55
Game environment developed with Faysal Mroueh