Attic Phlegmatic
Single Channel Video: 00:11:00
The work is an independent sequel to Wall of Scrolls.
Game environment developed with Faysal Mroueh.

We really gotta get someone up to sweep or suck these flies out of here. I mean Im doing my part you know. Actively amplifying and emitting my natural whiff. Its not too much of an effort on my part, is it? Of course some days I consume and manoeuvre more deliberately but overall I struggle with the consistency redolent of a long forgotten trash bag. At any rate, how telling is it that ones inherent aroma is anothers baleful miasma? A Disney parody a day keeps the cluster away and I am Citronella. Thing is, when theyre left like this it's only a matter of time before the roaches and rats move in for a feast. Cluster flies turned clusterfuck. Guess those old masters didnt think it necessary to separate the theories of life from the theories of disease.

Documentation: Tim Rosenbaum